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搜索 解放軍報

China-Thailand joint air force training exercise Falcon Strike - 2022 begins


來源:China Military Online責任編輯:Lin Congyi
2022-08-15 23:46


By Ding Changlong

曼谷8月15日電 14日下午,“鷹擊-2022”中泰空軍聯合訓練開幕式在泰國烏隆空軍基地舉行。中泰雙方空軍聯訓總指揮分別致開幕辭。聯訓雙方指揮組成員、中國駐泰國使館人員和參訓官兵代表參加了開幕式。

BANGKOK, Aug.15 -- The opening ceremony of the China-Thailand joint air force training exercise Falcon Strike - 2022 was held at Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base (Udorn RTAFB) in Thailand on August 14, 2022. The general commanding officers for the joint training from the Chinese and Thai air forces delivered their speeches respectively at the ceremony. Members of the joint training commanding group, representatives of the participating troops, and officials of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand attended the opening ceremony.


The Falcon Strike - 2022 is the fifth joint training exercise conducted by the air forces of China and Thailand, for which the Chinese side sent fighter jets, fighter-bombers and early warning aircraft, and the Thai side sent fighter jets and early warning aircraft, etc. The major training subjects of the Falcon Strike – 2022 include the air support, strikes on ground targets, and small- and large-scale troop deployment operations. The joint training exercise is aimed at enhancing mutual trust and friendship between the two air forces, deepening pragmatic cooperation and jointly protecting regional security and stability.


Chen Jun, the general commanding officer of the joint training exerxise from the Chinese side, said that the technical and tactical level of the two air forces would surely be improved with the continuous deepening and expanding of the joint training exercise, and the Falcon Strike -2022 marks a new charpter of the friendship and cooperation between the air forces of China and Thailand.


Watcharapong, director of the combat training office of the Royal Thai Air Force Operations Department, said that the joint training exercise would promote the friendly relations between the two air forces, enhance the coordination of the two sides in joint operations, and strengthen the regional security and defense.